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The foundation


If you were born in another land, you could be white, you could be black…

Another country could be your home, and you could say “yes” in another tongue.

You could have been raised rather differently maybe, better; worse, maybe.
You could be more lucky
or live under a bad sign…
You could have friends and toys of a different kind;
You could wear sackcloth or silk, leather shoes

or rough espadrilles, or you could go naked lost in the jungle.
You could read
stories and poetry, or have no books and no literacy.
You could enjoy delicious eats or have dry black bread as your only treat.

You could… you could…

For all this, think it is important to have your arms wide open and help those who come
fleeing from war, fleeing from pain and from poverty.

If you were born in their land, to their sorrow you could be damned.

Joana Raspall, Podries